Wednesday, November 11, 2009


SOMEBODY cut my pancakes!” hollered Henry from across the table with his hair shooting up like fireworks.

“Wait just a moment, please,” answered his dad putting on his piggy slippers-Oinker and Oinkarina.

“I want SOMEBODY to cut them now!” shouted Henry with his outside voice while he licked his lips and drooled on his pancakes.

Somebody needs to be patient while SOMEBODY is cutting somebody else’s pancakes,” replied his dad practicing his patience.

Henry watched his dad help his little sister. He waited just a moment then yelled, “Will SOMEBODY cut my pancakes, NOW?” He was standing over his pancakes looking at them with big round hungry wolf eyes.

Henry’s dad took a deep breath then blurted out, “If somebody isn’t patient while SOMEBODY is cutting somebody else’s pancakes then somebody will have to wait an extra long time until SOMEBODY thinks the impatient somebody has learned to be patient,” answered his dad in a voice that was beginning to sound like an outside voice. Oinker and Oinkarina were tapping in frustration.

“But I want SOMEBODY now,” said the boy. His face was so close to his pancakes his eyelashes almost racked the syrup.

SOMEBODY will cut somebody’s pancakes, when somebody has asked nicely and waited patiently for SOMEBODY to finish,” said Henry’s dad. His face was red like Oinkarina's the rosy red cheeks, and his voice was definitely an outside voice.

“But,” began Henry.

Somebody needs to wait his turn,” screeched his dad scratching his messy head. The pigs were really moving now. They were dancing a jig.

Somebody who?” asked Henry.

“The Somebody is the Somebody asking SOMEBODY to cut the pancakes, and the SOMEBODY being asked is waiting for Somebody to ask nicely.”


“Ugh! Will somebody please wait?” exclaimed Henry’s red-faced dad waving his arms in the air. He looked like a rooster with a fork.

SOMEBODY sure is taking his time.”

The pigs stopped dancing their jig. Henry’s dad took a deep breath. “Okay…I’m ready.”

“YESSSSSS! HURRAY! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You make the best pancakes in the whole world, dad.”

“Thank you, Henry. You’re welcome.”

“Wow Dad, you sure were cranky. Your face was red and your pigs sure were moving. Somebody needs to teach you how to smile in the morning.”

Somebody just did.”

SOMEBODY get me some milk…MILK please!” shouted Henry.

“Ugh!”  The pigs leapt into the air!

The End


Linda Z said...

That's hilarious, Marc! :) I can picture those pigs! Does Henry happen to be about 6 with blond hair?

Marc said...

Yep. True story.

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